About the Tobacco Barn

The growth of tobacco and its production of cigars has been a major local industry during most of Westfield’s 300 years history. It is not surprising then that one of the largest stores for tobacco products and accessories in the Pioneer Valley is located in downtown Westfield at 53 Elm Street. The Tobacco Barn was established in 1947 and has had four different owners during its 68 years history. Each owner has added something new yet retained the core of its unique identity. In their twenty years as the present owners, Mina and Prob.

Reshamwala have made the most significant changes, beginning with moving the store just next door from its original location, doubling its size and expanded to beer and wine business.

“Reaching this 20 year milestone would have been unattainable without strong customer support.”

“Even today, consumer word-of-mouth recommendations continue to spread the word about the Tobacco Barn. You don’t need to be a smoker to come to the Tobacco Barn.”

Prob and Mina, owners